Why Choose Us?

At FederalCreditLoans.com, our mission is simple: provide our members with fast and easy online access to possible capital solutions when they need it the most. FederalCreditLoans.com is an online resource for consumer lending and strives to connect millions of prospective borrowers with quality lenders. One simple online form is all it takes! Unlike traditional banks or credit unions, our online form will provide you with access to our entire network of trusted lenders for a possible loan approval. Some other reasons to join our network:

1. A Trusted Brand

Our website and network have been certified by independent security services to ensure sensitive materials are handled with the highest protection. We use 2048-bit encryption SSL to prevent any unwanted disclosure of your personal information.

2. Perfect Credit Not Required

Worried about bad credit? Our qualified lenders are flexible and can work with you for competitive rates if you are approved. If your request is denied, alternative short-term financial solutions may be available for you to help build your credit history.

3. Always Open and Always Free

Our online platform is always open and prospective borrowers can request a loan from anywhere at any time. Best of all, our service is and always will be completely free of charge. FederalCreditLoans.com charges zero fees! The only costs you’re responsible for are those associated with your loan, which will be charged by your lender after you have accepted and executed the loan agreement.

4. One Simple Form and Your Choice

One simple loan request form is all it takes! Gone are the old days of going to a brick and mortar store or dialing-in through a phone. By completing and submitting our online loan request form, you have the potential to be connected with an excellent lender from our network. The best part is, you always have the final say and can decide whether the loan rates and terms will work for you before you accept the loan. Plus, if you don’t get connected with a loan that works for you right away, you can always request again at any time!